About Us

Learn about the nationally renowned Kalaivani Dance Academy and it’s esteemed gurus.

About the Academy

Kalaivani Dance Academy is a nationally renowned dance academy that was founded by Smt. Padmaja Kelam in 2004 with the vision of engaging students in the fine art, technique, and love of one of the most ancient and graceful art forms of India that is Bharatanatyam.

The Academy strives to promote excellence in imparting training that is based on time tested traditions of performance and practice. The Academy has been a forerunner in offering intensive training courses including private and group lessons, specialized fusion choreography and opportunities to take part in video productions and traveling performances.

Kalaivani Academy has been pivotal in preserving the rich heritage of Indian legends, traditions, and mythology while transcending borders of geography, culture, religion, and ethnicity. Kalaivani Academy also has partnered with various other dance schools of diverse genres in an attempt to promote collaboration between the various elements of the universal continuum that is dance.


Padmaja Kelam

“Practice to perfect not please.”

A consummate artiste, a dancer par excellence, an acclaimed nattuvanar, a choreographer non-pareil and a gifted teacher are just few of the accolades that aptly describe Smt. Padmaja Kelam, the Director of Kalaivani Dance Academy.

Siddarth Kelam

“Always dance with your heart first, and then let your body follow.”

Guru Siddarth Kelam comes from a background of dance and music. He has been trained in Bharata Natyam from his father Sudershan Kelam first and then continued his training under his mother Padmaja Kelam.