Guru Padmaja takes each and every student through an individualized “Margam” of sorts as she instills in them, through a blend of love and nurturance, an understanding of the exalted art form in its breathtaking glory, while imbuing a lifelong commitment to a spiritual journey that cannot be otherwise replicated.

Her brilliant ability to juxtapose tradition and innovation is seen in every riveting masterpiece that she creates with loving and effortless detail with delicate nuances, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “Poetry in motion”.

Padmaja’s belief in every child being able to reach individualized pinnacles of perfection is embodied in her demand for perfection in execution of mudras, adavus, bhedas and karanas while striving to build and hone endurance to perform flawlessly with utmost dedication and devotion. Her passion for perfection is reflected in her unique choreography as she weaves magic into the tapestry of every dance item that she brings to life through the remarkable renditions of her students.

Under her tutelage, several students have been able to experience the beauty and divinity of their “Arangetrams”. Her 50 th Arangetram in 2017 only served to project the many more that are yet to come.

Guru Padmaja is indeed one of Atlanta’s artistic gems bestowing sheer joy and sublime delight in her students as they walk the paths of their dance “margams” with seamless eloquence and precision.

And she ensures they enjoy and have fun every step of the way!!

“Practice to perfect not please.”